Rave Reviews to stroke my ego!


“Jennings, you are an extremely talented individual that has covered the walls of my home with your love of photography. You have captured the essence of my children and made time freeze for me in each picture you have taken. We all have always enjoyed being in your presence, for you make our interactions fun and full of laughter.  Jennings, you have a light inside you that is always glowing.”  – Tara

“You took pictures of my family 6 years ago. I cherish those photos and look at them everyday to remind me how thankful I am for my family, so THANK YOU Jennings! You Rock!!!” – Shannon

“OMG you are LITERALLY the most talented photographer I know. I used to go to your website just to heal my aching heart. I love you SO much!!!!!” – Karyn


“You truly have a talent like no other. I cherish the pics that you took of my children and family.” – Sarah
“I was just staring at my favorite picture of my kids and loving it for what it shows. You took it and I have an amazing memory of that session because we all had a great time. Thank you!” – Ale
“We Love you Jennings! You are so special to us capturing moments of our little family we are growing. Your vibe is just positive and upbeat – we couldn’t imagine going with anyone else to take our pictures!” – Brian


“Your pictures of my family are the most beautiful ones that I have and treasure with all my heart!!!” – Yvette


“I love your photography – I’m the pickiest person – I like your technique – your editing & how your photos are so natural looking! It looks so easy but I can’t edit at all and I love photography.” – Deana


“I love those pictures you took from us still!  We get compliments on them all the time and get asked who took them!” – Firoseh
“You took our family photos last year and although my son cried 95% of the time, you were able to capture the most beautiful images. We have them up at our house. You’re very talented” – Sharon
“The things I like about you: Your wit, charm, sassiness, your foul language, your honesty and lastly, how strong of a person you are. Your pictures are amazing!”  -Joelle



“Omg!!! We love the pictures you’ve taken of us!!!! You’re amazing!” – Tricia
“You create gorgeous memories. It’s not taking pictures, you capture essence. One of your canvases is currently hanging in front of me in my office, so that I can work. And I won’t even discuss what you have done for my Christmas memories! lol!”  -Erin
“You are insanely talented. You have given me more beautiful memories than I can mention. But most recently, the newborn session you did for Eden is beyond beautiful. I’m forever grateful for those photos!!!” – Rachel
“You captured the best of our family. Now, that’s all I have left. HAHAHAHAHAH That is your kind of humor right!?! Seriously, i love you, my kids love you and your work is breathtaking!!” – Randi


“The photos that you took of our family are a treasure. We had so much fun at the shoot and I still remember seriously bawling while previewing the slideshow at your studio. You beautifully captured our family and gave us a special gift since it was our last family photo before our oldest went to college. Thank you!! Praying you feel the love back that you have extended to so many!”  – Kim
“Jennings you are a fabulous person and talented photographer. The pictures you took for my family are wonderful and can never be replaced. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication.” -Eileen
“You are the best! I’m going to book Jaliyah for a photo shoot soon. I recommend you to everyone I know!” -Janice
“Almost 11 years ago, we showed up at your house and you took pictures of our 3-week-old baby girl. It was a very warm day (in the Central Valley – go figure!!!). I now look back at those pictures and wish I could get enlargements and regret not putting more in to the “Watch Me Grow” package we purchased from you. I have been following your recent work and you still do amazing shoots! You are very talented at what you do and give families a moment in time to remember. Keep up your amazing work!” -Melanie
“Oh how I hope you know exactly what your photography means to me! You are the only non-biological/non-marriage member of my family to have visited and taken pics of my girls in the NICU and in my parents home during their first year of life!! Without your skills, I would not have those beautiful, professional pics of Da’Gorgeouses during their first year. Love you BUNCHES, Jennings!” – Dalia
“I can’t tell you how many compliments I still get from our pictures. Your work shined through them. Can’t wait till our next session. Hoping sometime this year.” -Jessica
“JP you are INCREDIBLE! I am constantly complimenting you to everyone I know. I’m promoting you on my FB groups all the time! You’ve taken so many rounds of pregnancy, newborns, family and kids shots. Priceless moments that mean the world. With way more elegance and talent than my crappy iPhone pics! I’m so grateful for you and your incredible talent. Thank you for being so talented, warm and resilient. Honored to know you!” -Tristan
“Love the JPP! Being induced with #2 hopefully tomorrow morning, so we’ll be scheduling a newborn sesh as soon as we know all goes well.” – Aubree
“Your pictures are the only family portraits we’ve ever had…mostly because I can’t imagine an easier and more fun experience in the California sunshine. You had the perfect approach for us – down-to-earth, excited, funny and warm. It’s not always easy to be a family with special needs but your approach made us feel genuinely accepted and special in a good way!! Thank you!” -Nicola
“I still have the pics you took of my monkeys 8/9 years ago hanging on the wall…I appreciate your talent even more now that I am a photographer myself.” – Angelia

“The pictures your captured of our kids are precious. They are amongst my favorites treasures.” -Heather 


“What an amazing experience!! Jennings photographed my fiance and I for our engagement and they turned out absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I am so happy to have had her capture this special moment in our lives that we can now keep and cherish forever and ever. Thank you Jennings!!” – Dani

“Jennings is the best photographer I know the pictures come out so amazing I am shocked every time still and she always gets perfect pictures of my daughter who never holds still and makes us feel so comfortable to be ourselves and have fun the entire time I recommend her to anyone I know!!!!” – Brittney

“Jennings is such a talented photographer- my girls thought she was the greatest- she had them laughing the whole time! Every photo was incredible. Her office staff is the best too and so professional yet personal! We will definitely keep coming back for more!”  – Beth

“Jennings is amazing, this is our second time taking our family pictures with her, she is so patient! My 4 year old was so difficult that day I have no idea how she did it! Any family would be so lucky to have their pics taken with her, they are absolutely gorgeous!” – Angie

“AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHER! Jennings has a beautiful energy about her. She is so talented and creative at capturing the best family moments. Our photo shoot turned out amazing and we have 3 kids, 4 and under!!!” – Emily

“Jennings took amazing photographs of my family. She made the photo shoot fun even for my kids. The pictures turned out beautiful! Jennings is truly professional and we loved working with her.” – Erica

“Jennings is absolutely amazing. She makes you feel so comfortable and has an amazing eye. She is always a joy to have photograph my little family. Thank you Jennings!” – Jennifer