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I’m Jennings P.  My mom tells me the “P” is for Perfect, but it’s really for Paige.  She named me Jennings after a town in Louisiana, where she claims I was conceived. My husband and I are the proud parents of our daughter, Gracie, who is 12 years old, and her brother, Hudson, who is 8.  We were lucky enough to adopt both of our children as newborns, four years apart.  Both of our babies are beautiful and smart and unbelievably sweet (I’m not biased because I didn’t give birth to them – this is my right as an adoptive parent). I love my IT guy husband below, my sweet (I mean awful) kids, my own humor (ha!!) and my friends – only the funny ones.  I also love summertime, the river, thunderstorms, boat rides, reading, my Prius, my trailer, Disneyland, natural hot springs, spas and all my Apple devices.  I also really love to laugh!  Oh, and I love my job!  My soul sings through my photography and my personal life.  The photos help me relive all the beautiful parts of my life, and all the beautiful parts of my clients’ lives as well.  

Because all of my children (including our little twins, Julian and Aria, who were born too early in 2015 and now live in Heaven and our hearts) were all so hard to come by and so precious to me, I’ve dedicated my life and my work to emphasizing the miracle of families.  I want to celebrate not only the traditional families of Southern California, but also the less traditional families, too.  Ask me anything about my journey.  I have built a family more beautiful than I deserve, through love and the grace of God.  I am blessed beyond measure.  

We just recently purchased our first new home together!  Behind our quaint little one-story home is a huge backyard and a brand new JPP studio viewing room She-shed!  I can’t wait to decorate this little barn and open it up to my clients for in-person viewing and ordering, with sample products and sophisticated wall design software.

Most of all, I’m fun.  I’m actually hilarious.  Often inappropriate, although I can be a real sweetheart with the little ones. I tend to tease the parents and tickle or bark at the kids to do what I tell them.  Every time I finish photographing a family, I feel like we become friends and I get to share in your lives in an up-close, personal way.  Watching other enjoy the photos I create, the memories I capture…they’re what keep me constantly falling in love with family portraiture.

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