How to Book a shoot

This is an easy one.  You book a shoot by contacting us!

Call, text or e-mail us in any of these ways:

Phone or text (text better): 805.490.1180.


Website: Congratulations!  You already found it 😀


This is my full-time job, so you can pick from a lot of different dates and times.  And I’m super nice, so I will do my best to accommodate any specific requests.  Don’t be afraid to ask for something you want – especially if you want to reschedule.  At least half the time, rescheduling allows me to take the rest of the day off and do nothing.  Yay for me!!  (But also, don’t abuse it, or I’ll put you on the blacklist of mean clients.)

Once you contact us, you get more detailed info, a shoot date, and a very nice conversation with me or my assistant about why people who get photos done of their family members are better than everyone who doesn’t.  So there.  You win!

And finally….new discounts!

We are now offering 10% off all for any former clients who have ever used JPP, plus all military, law enforcement and fire families!  Just let us know which discount we can apply to your family, and we will be sure to include your discount at order time.